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Below you will find a short text I wrote with my motivations for starting this blog:

The Internet since its inception has always been about collaboration. The most basic tool of communication on the web was (and still is) the e-mail. Today, with the widespread availability of the Internet, having access to articles, news, or whatever information you want is not a hard task anymore, you just need to use the right keywords in a search engine, and dozens of websites will be listed.

You might not find exactly what you need, but you will probably be better off than when you started. If you want to go further in your quest for knowledge, you can participate in user groups and mailing lists.

What makes user groups so useful is the quality of knowledge shared on a daily basis, in so many different groups and from people all over the world. The problem, in my opinion, is that the general user tends to sign up for the group, ask a question or two and then leave after receiving an answer.

See the problem there? That’s not giving back to the community! Collaboration is not a one-way track, so why should you just leech information?

With that question in mind and in respect to everyone who have taught me anything (and still are teaching!), I decided to start my transition from consumer to producer, again.

  1. amol jaiswal
    November 3rd, 2010 at 04:25 | #1

    In above xml file we want to execute included method sequential not
    now its executing in random manner.

    Please help me out..
    Current execution is
    1. login_bancbridge
    2. CEO_comp_create
    3. CEO_comp_delete
    4. CEO_User_create
    5. logout_bancbridge
    6. CEO_Useraudit_check
    7. CEO_comp_audit_check
    8. login_amol
    9. CEO_User_delete
    10. call_Date_extract
    11. logout_amol

    I just want to execute above included methods in order as they written.
    I also tried to write single include in a method this also not working.
    Please help me out…

  2. amol jaiswal
    November 3rd, 2010 at 04:55 | #2

    I got the bypass to it just use of

    @Test(dependsOnMethods = “alogin_amol”, alwaysRun=true)

    hence they execute as per dependency….

    Thanks and regards
    Amol Jaiswal

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