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Automating the hurdles Google doodle

August 7th, 2012 4 comments

Today’s Google doodle is an interactive hurdles game in homage to the London 2012 olympics:

Google Olympics Doodle

Inspired by Željko‘s Pacman doodle automation using Watir, I decided to give Sikuli a shot and see if I could automate it.

The following script successfully plays the Hurdles game but doesn’t jump (yet). It finishes the game with two stars in 10.8 seconds (running on my machine, that is).

Google Doodle Sikuli Script

Google Doodle Hurdle Results

It seems like Sikuli takes too long to identify the objects, so if we add any find() or exists() calls in-between steps, the scripts performs really bad and finishes in about 50 seconds instead of just 10.8.

Sorry for not providing the code, sliced screenshots or a better tutorial for Sikuli. It should be pretty straightforward to reproduce it :)

Thanks to Iraê for the quick pairing session before lunch :)

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